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"Get off," said the boat's chief. Our boat stopped and it floats in an incredibly azure ocean. Over the length, I see a pristine sandy shoreline covered with palm trees, but we are at least one kilometer from the shore. "Believe me," he says. "You can stay true here." I nod and slide inside the boat. Certainly, the lake rides on my shoulders. We have a sandbar in the center of the sea and a transport service of colorful starfish, the soft fine sand under our feet. The boat master activates some music when my friends jump into the ocean next to me. A new member of the crew offers us cups of bourbon and soft drinks that we drink, using normal and pleasant water. At this point, the cold house seems very far away. Still, Jamaica is simply 3. your five-hour plane ticket from Newark, ET. A few hours of individuals can certainly produce a realm of difference. Punta Cana, a resort region in the far east of Jamaica, attracts visitors from around the world. There are many who seek the sun, the long sea-lined path and clear marine environments. Most of the hotels listed below are all-inclusive, which means that food, most drinks and some activities are part of the region's costs, making it a reasonable trip. Our departure for the end of the week could be the charming Occidental Punta Cana, a detailed azules vest resort located on the seafront of Bavaro, less than 19 km from the airport. About three large private pools snake on the holiday spot and you will find 11 eating places and pubs from which to choose. In addition to two buffets, we can eat in specialty a la carte restaurants in German, anodized pans, fish, Spanish dishes and even steak. Escape the Winter

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